Who We Are

World Credit Recovery was formed in 2002 for the purpose of managing consumer loans from banks, finance companies and service providers.  The loans are managed by a highly skilled team of professionals with a wide range of experience in finance, operations, compliance and law.  The members of our team have in excess of 60 years of industry experience in aggregate.

World Credit Recovery is highly focused on compliance with federal, state and local laws and requires our servicing partners to maintain the same high level of compliance in their interactions with our customers.  World Credit Recovery takes all customer complaints seriously and follows-up on all complaints received until resolved.

At World Credit Recovery, our primary focus is is to provide Account Holders the best solutions to repay their debt.  Account Holders receive professional, ethical and courteous service from our service providers.  We understand that our Account Holders occasionally experience financial setbacks; our goal is that our service providers continually strive to treat them with dignity and respect and assist them in determining the best solution for repayment of their debt